Alchemist meets any requirement

Worktops, taps (water, pure water, steam, flammable gas, technical gas), and a vast array of accessories and furnishes. Alchemist really meets any aesthetic and space requirement with tailor-made modules and an infinite range of colours, even sample colours.

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In full compliance with the standards

Suspended, on a plinth or on wheels. Alchemist laboratories adapt to any work method

Flexible, modular, and long-lasting

The modular elements of the Alchemist line are suitable for any environment and size. Flexible and resistant to meet even the highest quality standards and make work an everyday pleasure. Designed to last over time.

Safety, efficiency, and ergonomics

Every research or professional environment that has to do with human health must combine high technology and safety. The Alchemist extractor hoods are available in various models and sizes and perfectly meet these requirements. They have an automatic vertical sliding opening system and a standard inverter device (automatic motor speed regulation according to the opening), which ensures consistent performance and considerable reduction in the volume of extracted air, thereby ensuring significant energy savings. These extractor hoods comply with the EN 14175.6 standard. They are made with extremely resistant, non-porous, and eco-friendly materials and designed meeting rigorous ergonomics criteria.

It is a precise form, which stems from a long history of more than forty years...